Međimurje andMuraland form a unique cross-border area along the Mura river with remarkable natural values, tradi- tions, destinations and meaningful po- tentials for further development. Tour- ism – especially active tourism – is one of the strategic segments in the region ensuring the best possibilities for rural growth and creating cross-sectoral syn- ergies with the active involvement of lo- cal stakeholders and tourists. By supporting cyclist tourism, we can get closer our values and outstanding nature-close destinations to the pub- lic thus promoting Međimurje and Mu- raland as a holistic cross-border touristic area where services and stakeholders are interconnected on both sides of the Mura river. All you need to enjoy the pleasures is to ride a bike and just cy- cle in a network in the Mura Region. Let’s visit us!


Between 2013 and 2014, Cycle in a Network (1.0) project was implemented through the active col- laboration of the municipalities of Nagykanizsa, Zalakaros, Koprivnica and the Tourism Board of Međimurje County. As a first stage, the 1.0 pro- ject helped us to develop cyclist paths, XCO track, touristicdestina- tions, infrastruc- tural facilities, festivals, biking competitions and relevantservices in Muraland (HU) and Međimurje (HR). Due to these initial develop- ments, of cyclist infrastructure and connected servic- es were improved, therefore tourists and sports- men interested in cyclist tourism can find excel- lent possibilities in our Mura Region. Cycle in a Network 2.0 was launched in Septem- ber 2017 within the cooperation of Nagykanizsa, Štrigova, the Tourism Board of Međimurje and the County Road Administration of Međimurje to continue cyclist developments providing bet- ter conditions for the upheaval of active tour- ism in the Mura Region cross-border area. But beside infrastructural developments and cyclist events, the 2.0 project also intends to enhance the level of connected services by establishing a common classification system (Cyclist Welcome Classification System). This classification framework will ensure the background of a Croatian-Hungarian cyclist touristic cluster with standardized service qual- ity and cooperating stakeholders as service providers. Accordingly, local and cross-border cyclist tourism can attract higher number of tourists thus supporting the progression in the Mura Region.
Total project budget: 1.721.572,7 EUR
EU contribution: 1.463.336,79 EUR


  • 11,7 km of asphalted cycling roads in Međimurje (Donji Kraljevec – Hodošan; eco-asphalt track between Goričan – Kotoriba)
  • 4,28 km of gravel cycling path (Boating Lake of Nagykanizsa)
  • Resting places with benches, tables, fireplaces, bike storages, information boards at the Boating Lake, Murakeresztúr and Miklósfa
  • 17,28 km new signposted route with EV13 connection (Murakeresztúr – Belezna – Jankapuszta – Miklósfa)
  • Technical plan for a bike info center in Štrigova
  • Outdoor fitness park and children playground at the Boating Lake
  • 3 sets of e-bike chargers and purchase of 5 e-bikes (HR) and 4 water bikes (HU) for rent
  • innovative cross-border biker-friendly touristic services (service kits at destinations, joint maps, mobile app for beacon devices, combined bike packages with touristic offers, Bikehelpcall ser- vice)
  • Adaption of the Cyclist Welcome Classification System in Hungary as a cross-border service clus- ter for cyclist tourism with trainings for experts and service providers


  • Numerous sustainable and eco-friendly cross-border cyclist tours to reach local values in Muraland and Međimurje
  • Innovative and high-quality touristic prod- ucts and services elaborated and sustained on cross-border level
  • New and strengthened cross-border partner relations between Croatian and Hungarian local stakeholders
  • Improved market-oriented specific knowledge of service providers and the elaboration of a standardized touristic destination image in the project area

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